The vertical axis represents your attitude towards market operations and the economy.

Bioenvironmentalists emphasize the carrying capacity of the Earth and the vulnerability of our planet. They often think that we focus too much to consumerist ideals. Instead, we should rethink our whole economic system, and aim to steer the global economy within limits towards sustainable growth.

Market Liberals believe that continuing economic growth is vitally important for solving our environmental problems. They emphasize our scientific and technological achievements, and believe that our innovations will lead us through current and future environmental challenges.

The horizontal axis shows the institutional scale of your most preferred environmental actors.

Social Greens focus on the power of individuals and local communities. They want to stop corporate exploitation of the developing world, and promote local communities and ecological justice. Social Greens promote grass-root environmental actions, ecovillages, and indigenous peoples' knowledge systems.

Institutionalists emphasize global political cooperation, institutions and international environmental agreements. To prevent environmental problems, the precautionary principle must be applied. They want to distribute technology and funds more efficiently to developing countries and build state capacity.

Remember, there is no 'correct view'!
Each world view has its own inbuilt logic and understanding this is very useful for promoting better cooperation between parties with differing world views.

About the survey. This survey is developed by Pekka Harju-Autti (2012). It is based on the highly recommendable book 'Paths to a Green World' by Clapp & Dauvergne (2008). The survey is built on the unique ZEF survey engine. If you want more information on the survey, please email

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